Key Roles in Data and Analytics: A Guide for Marketing Teams

In the ever-evolving landscape of data and analytics, it’s vital for marketing teams to understand the key roles that drive success. Gartner Research’s comprehensive guide, “What Are the Essential Roles for Data and Analytics?” provides invaluable insights into this topic.

The Significance of Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs)

CDAOs are pivotal in aligning data strategy with business goals. They lead the charge in leveraging data for value creation, ensuring that data and analytics (D&A) assets support digital business opportunities and challenges.

The Emergence of Machine Learning Engineers

With the growing reliance on AI and machine learning, the role of the machine learning engineer is rapidly expanding. They are instrumental in developing AI/ML platforms, significantly impacting how marketing strategies are formulated and executed.

Data Stewardship and Governance

Data stewards play a crucial role in enforcing data governance policies. Their responsibilities include managing information assets and ensuring compliance with data governance and security requirements, which is vital for maintaining the integrity of marketing data.

The Convergence of Data and Analytics Roles

The integration of analytics, business intelligence, and data science is leading to the creation of hybrid roles. These roles combine IT and business skills, facilitating a more cohesive approach to data analysis and decision-making in marketing.

The Rise of Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen data scientists, often business users with a knack for data, are becoming increasingly important. They extend the capabilities of marketing teams by applying their business acumen to derive advanced insights using data science tools.


Understanding these key roles in data and analytics is crucial for marketing teams to harness the full potential of their data strategy. As we move forward, these roles will continue to evolve, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth in the marketing domain.

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